Thursday, March 17, 2005

Day 4: Turning the Corner

So today it was supposed to get harder as I passed the halfway point. Somehow it didn't. Maybe I'm really just born to live this way. I even feel strangely healthy doing this, but I guess that is more due to the copious amounts of live-giving water that I'm drinking and not the massive amounts of dead flesh. Oh, wait, there was something. How should I say this... ok I'll just say it. Much of the day, I had a nagging pain in my left testicle, kinda like how it feels about 5 minutes after you've been kicked there. Not sure if this is even relevant to my diet, but man was it irritating. Seriously. For hours. I had visions of it getting worse and worse as I continued on my quest this week, and how I'd struggle with the tradeoff of losing the bet versus the agonizing pain. Fortunately now the pain is gone. If it comes back, you might hear about it tomorrow, but if not, lets just all pretend like it never happened and I didn't mention it on here. OK, now that that's out of the way, let's discuss my meals for the day.

Lunch was amazing, probably in the Top 5 meals I've ever had at work. I had a heaping portion of corned beef (it was served with cabbage in honor of St. Patty's Day, but I had to leave that of course) and a tender and juicy New York skirt steak. Both were so fantastic, I had to go back for a full-portion plate of seconds. You can see them both here.

Fortunately, I remembered to bring my bag of beef jerky to work with me today, so I happily gnawed on flesh while I typed away at my workstation. Then for dinner, I had the not-so-common combination of veal medallions, braised rabbit, and grilled sea bass. I wondered how many people have ever had that combination of foods in the same sitting before. I challenge anyone reading this to give it a shot, they actually go pretty good together. Especially if you are on an all meat diet.

This evening, just before writing this up, I enjoyed a feast of a half bag of sliced pepperoni. It was delicious.

Sean, are you getting nervous? This is easy!


Blogger vizguru said...

I am duely impressed, Rich. You are now on the homeward stretch. Your Atkins diet may very well have provided you with the sufficent tolerence to complete the task...

...then again, that pain you felt today might only be the begining...grin.



6:35 AM  
Blogger Chris Cheng said...

Rich, you are da man. At this point, it's obvious you can handle the part about only eating meat. I think perhaps the test will be during the weekend when everyone's watching NCAA basketball at your house while eating carb-full snacks and drinking carb-full sodas and beer. Nothing like the cruchity-crunch of chips and salsa and gurgle of beer to entice your carb/veggie carvings.

As for the testicle pain, my theory is that you were either a) kicked in the balls, b) feeling the effects of something kinky with Kiki, c) experiencing the well-known link between excessive beef jerky consumption and left testicle pain, or d) all of the above.

10:10 AM  

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