Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Day 3: So far, so good

If you are tuning in today to read that I've finally taken a turn for the worse and I can no longer continue, you came to the wrong place. I've surprised even myself that it seems this diet has so far not really hurt me too much. I've noticed two things. One is, I seem to have a little less energy than normal. The other is that my disposition seems a little less happy then usual. Otherwise, I feel fine. Go figure.

Let me walk you through the day. My first moment of shock was felt when I was halfway to work and realized that I forgot to bring any of the snacks I had bought the night before. Sadly, I couldn't turn back because I was actually going to work in a rush because I had been called in to fix some unanticipated problems. Because of this same rush, I ended up almost missing lunch entirely, but I did manage to grab a plate of Chinese short ribs in the nick of time, shown here. It turned out that it looks like a lot more than it really is once you take out the bones, and as hungry as I was, I gnawed every bit of flesh off of each bone.

By dinner time, I was in less of a rush, so I sat down properly and had a fantastic pork chop and some excellent red snapper. Still hungry, I went back for another pork chop. Here they are:

I'm beginning to feel sorry for the people that I eat with regularly, because they invariably get to re-hear the story told of my escapades with the week of meat with every new person that sits down. Maybe I'll have to start avoiding people that don't already know...

Anyhow, eventually I went home, excited to finally be able to take a crack at the feast of meaty snacks I had bought the night before. I promptly plowed through half a bag of beef jerky and an entire package of turkey lunchmeat in about 15 minutes. They both tasted fantastic. I think yesterday when I was complaining about strange tastes, I was just imagining things. I'm beginning to think that I'm actually going to be able to do this.


Blogger vizguru said...

I'm going to have to rule against the pork rind as a leagal snack. Pork rinds are essentially deep-fried portions of Pig-Skin. Unfortunately, most deep-frying involves using oils that contain sugars...

So, no pork rinds allowed.



7:08 AM  
Blogger Chris Cheng said...

I would have to agree with Sean. Sure, pork rinds are mostly meat fat, but there's a lot of other stuff in it. I did some research and here's a typical ingredients list:

"Ingredients: Pork rinds, salt, spices, maltodextrin, autolyzed yeast extract, onion and garlic powder, dextrose, hydrolyzed soy and corn protein, monosodium glutamate, yellow no. 5 and 6 lake, caramel color, spice extractives, soy sauce (wheat, soybeans)."

The spices are no problem, but once you have stuff like soy and corn protein, it's not meaty enough. Relating to my comment yesterday about hot dogs and sausages having other stuff in it, I think it's still okay because it is nearly all meat. Meat hot dogs (not the tofu or veggie varieties, of course), can have only 3.5% non-meat ingredients by law:

"Hot dogs may contain up to 3.5 percent non-meat ingredients, such as non-fat milk, cereal or dried whole milk, or 2 percent isolated soy protein."

Rich, congratulaitons on making it this far. You have officially surpassed the duration that Sean and I kept the diet. You're halfway there!

11:35 AM  
Blogger ubragg said...

Damn, I was afraid you guys would say that about the pork rinds. Well, at least I'll have them for next week!

2:06 PM  

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