Sunday, March 13, 2005


This past weekend, I went on a ski trip with a bunch of friends. Well, it was technically a ski trip, but I didn't actually ski, so one might debate what kind of trip it actually was for me. Anyhow, we had steak the last night, and I ate a lot. My friend Sean mentioned that a couple years ago, he and Chris (another friend of mine) had tried to do a "Week of Meat" in which they ate nothing but meat and drank nothing but water. Neither could make it past day four. So, needless to say, my week starts tonight at midnight, money is at stake, and this is the story.


Blogger Chris Cheng said...

Rich, I commend you on even taking this challenge. I'm not saying you definitely can't do it. If anyone can do it, you with your extensive Atkins experience probably has the best shot of anyone I know. I'm just saying you will struggle. You know the sour taste you get in your throat after eating only fruits and sweets for a while? Well, with only meat, you get a bitter taste in your throat that just doesn't quit. And your mood follows suit. I predict you'll be quite bitter by day 4. Good luck!


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